Couples Counseling

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives" -Brene Brown

Intimate relationships are a rich part of the human experience and a source of deep nourishment... but they can also be a source of intense upset. I believe we can feel happy, loved, and understood in our relationships. I help couples heal their relational trauma by helping them understand their unique needs and attachment styles as well as helping you both learn to communicate in loving ways that support the well-being of the relationship and each other. In couples therapy we also take time to address and resolve past hurts with the goal of moving forward in loving, authentic, mutually supportive connection.

Experiencing conflict in a committed partnership can be a painful, isolating, and confusing experience. You want to be there for each other, to turn to each other for love, safety and support, but painful wounds and triggers can prevent a deeper, more satisfying connection. Couples often develop habitual negative patterns that leave them feeling alone, angry and alienated from one another... even during times where what they want most is closeness and support. You are not alone. By working with an impartial, skilled couples therapist you can address and shift these unhelpful patterns, heal their causes, soften their impacts, and strengthen intimacy, connection and trust.... over time.


You can transform your painful experiences into a source of mutual understanding and compassion, deepening awareness and the strength of your bond. It takes work, time and a belief that the strengths of the partnership outweigh the hurt you may have caused one another.

If you are ready to do this work, CONTACT ME to discuss more about my approach to couples therapy and find out if I am a good fit for you and your partner.

Strengthen your commitment

Learn to lean into each other in times of difficulty instead of leaning away. Learn to honor your relationship as you honor yourselves.

Prepare for children

We can move through childhood trauma and learn to "reparent" ourselves TOGETHER in order to be the parents to our children that we choose to be.

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