"You could not imagine, much less find, a more empathic, effective counselor. Matthew has a rare capacity for integrating emotional, physical, spiritual, and practical work. I look forward to sessions with him and invariably come away more settled, present, clear and reconnected to myself. I am thoroughly grateful for his presence and role in my life." 

- Chris D. (Professor and Scientist)

"Matthew is an incredible counselor.  He has met me in some of my darkest and most terrifying places and has helped me to express and heal deeply held anger and grief.  I love the fluidity he brings to his work and commitment he has to provide a safe space for transformation.  I feel fortunate to have worked with him."

- Sam B. (Therapist)

"My time working with Matthew has been deeply transformative and instrumental in my own journey as a queer "elder-in-training." I emerged with a sense of being at the center of my own story and am responding to major life and career transitions with much greater focus and artfulness. Matthew has continually helped me to ground my quest in all that wishes me well in all directions. He meets me where I am in each session and guides me back to my soul’s deepest calling and the wisdom of my body. He has inspired me and offered many practical tools to aid my shift to a “righter” livelihood. He has also prepared me to connect in more embodied ways with those closest to me and to face my challenges with greater resilience. His toolkit includes strategies from many traditions, all of them practical and accessible to me in my daily life. Matthew is a gifted healer, a mid-husband to my own becoming and a model of integrity for the field of life coaching and counseling. Yes, you can tap the wisdom and power of your own aliveness to lead you to wholeness, and I am living proof. You will find in Matthew a powerful and unwavering ally."

-Matthew C. Bronson, PhD (Mythworker, Life Coach, former Professor and University Administrator)

“Matthew is an highly intuitive alchemist. He perceives and cares for me with an acuity that enables me to resurrect that which is most precious within me: my undefended embodied knowing and expression of Self. Matthew’s intuition, care, skill, and presence are more attuned than any other practitioner I have experienced. He is a gift, and I feel blessed to be working with him. The work we are doing is subtle, yet profound. I am amazed at how slowing things down, focusing on sensation, and allowing myself to be witnessed is transforming my life. I am feeling innate wisdom arising from within me. This is who I have always wanted to be: me.” 

-Lea M. (Web Designer)

“Matthew is a gifted guide to usher us through our birth onto this planet and through our own healing. Deeply intuitive, Matthew listened to our stories and offered creative somatic experiences to hold us and wrap us in radical love and acceptance. His methods are unlike any I have ever encountered, I am changed. Through his workshop, I contacted my inner mother and father, who will continue to whisper in my ear as I embark on my own journey towards Parenthood.”

- Salina E. (Mindfulness Educator/Consultant) 

"My husband Kirk and I were blessed to have Matthew as our wedding officiant.  Our experience with Matthew was extraordinary.  We had three sessions with Matthew before our wedding which was a gift on so many levels.  We explored our fears while co-creating intentions and prayers for our marriage.  Matthew energetically held us and guided us in a solid loving container.  Matthew blended somatic modalities and shamanic spiritual traditions which enhanced our experience of feeling deeply connected to one another during this monumental rite of passage.  

Together with Matthew's counsel, Kirk and I called in our most aligned prayer for our ceremony. As the wedding day approached we also reviewed logistics regarding the ceremony (timing, vows, exchanging of the rings, order of events) and Matthew was there as a solid support throughout the entire process.  Our ceremony was better than we could have ever imagined. Matthew's grounded, loving and peaceful presence was felt by all in attendance.  His profound words encapsulated who we are as individuals and our prayer for our marriage.  Our ceremony also impacted our guests, who are still talking about our incredible officiant! We thank you Matthew, for your dedication, guidance and wisdom during this huge process. We love you!"

-Alisha B. (Medical Administration)

"His range of modalities and breadth of tools sets Matthew apart from all of the therapists I've worked with, in my lifetime. His willingness to show up, in whatever manner helps best, helped Matthew become one of my most influential allies. I added him to my personal development team, so to speak, during a time in my life when I was recovering from major life shifts. I was dealing with some really heavy stuff, and I didn't have many people in my life to trust to help me. Matthew felt steady, and passionate about the opportunity to help me. And, as I said, his tools are vast and varied, so he was able to help me find the tools within myself to move forward with my life, feeling more resourced and focused on me, not the stories I had just survived. I recommend him, and I admire him."

- Dan L. (Artist)

"It is hard to find words to describe Matthew - this is a FULLY ALIVE human who occupies the world with an energy, presence, body, and HEART that is about as big as it gets.  He brings an unparalleled level of passion, enthusiasm, care, study, and deep presence to his work.  He shows up hard - in his own life, community, family, and service - and will do the same for you.  You will feel him fully with you, whatever the threshold is or transformation work that you are facing, with his embodied, engaged, whole-human way of practicing

Matthew held my husband and I beautifully when we were facing what felt like an insurmountable challenge before our marriage. He held a strong belief for us that it could be EASY - and supported us all the way across that threshold with humor, love and grace.

Whatever your prayer is for your life - Matthew will hold it with you, hold your hand as you explore all of the deep crevices of the birth canal you must traverse to get to the other side, and will be there to help catch you and celebrate you as you emerge.  Matthew is a one-of-a-kind human - and one that you will be blessed to have as an ally on your path."

- Katia S. (Professor and Facilitator)

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